We all have untapped potential.  Anne works with organisations and individuals who are challenged to discover more about what this means for them.  She offers a comprehensive, powerful suite of growth and development processes that equip and empower people and teams to craft a desired and meaningful future, raise engagement, and achieve inspiring outcomes.

Training and Facilitation

Anne has extensive experience in providing leadership development, building self-empowerment, raising levels of responsibility, ownership and accountability, engaging in role clarity, developing coaching skills and optimising performance.  Her approach in groups is engaging, interactive and stretching.  Anne’s interventions are fresh, unique and designed to provoke deep thought that leads to significant transformation.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning without strategic thinking is just another annual exercise. But as we look down the time line of the future we are creating, there is much to consider.  Anne involves key people in processes that challenge behaviour, thinking, habits and potential.  Then can we understand what it will actually take to define, agree and achieve our organisational aspirations.

Coach Training

Coach training programmes are brain-based, drawing on current neuroscience research to provide trainees with knowledge and practical skills to profoundly impact on how people think and therefore behave – in and out of the workplace.  Coaches learn to transform insights, the currency of the coaching process, into beneficial change.  Anne also offers mentor coaching to support coaches toward ICF credentials.

Individual Coaching

Anne is an International Coach Federation PCC accredited coach who has worked with hundreds of individuals globally to reach out and attain what is important to them – personally and professionally. A coach is a thinking partner – a specialist who works with individuals to clarify the future, break it down into bite-size achievable pieces, and champion the journey to get there.

Leadership Coaching

Anne is a highly experienced leadership and executive coach working with people responsible for taking organisations and teams forward.  She believes that people, whose thinking is stretched and catalysed, build thinking organisations – places where teams are solution focused and employees are empowered to bring their best to the workplace.

Team Coaching

High performing teams are excited about being successful. Team coaching is just what they need to define clearly what that means, align everyone with the vision, clarify where they are currently and agree what they need to do to get there.  Once they are all on board, they can accomplish extraordinary results.  Team coaching is the process that defines the road map and fires up the process to ensure they can celebrate their success.


Anne is the founder and owner of Anne Heslop and Associates, working with clients in South Africa and internationally. She has focused passionately on the development of people for 25 years, in and out of the workplace. Her formal psychology training, combined with extensive organisational experience, offer clients powerful, incisive development and transformation processes that set them up for success. 

She facilitates, trains and coaches in small and medium organisations as well as large international corporates. Anne specializes in leadership coaching with CEO’s, Executives, Managers, in fact any individual who recognizes, thankfully, that success – whatever that means – is a choice.

Anne Heslop and Associates is proudly associated with the following organisations:


Anne has worked for the past 25 years with multi-national, medium sized and smaller organisations across a broad range of industries, globally. She has played a key strategic role with her clients bringing a strong results orientation and close alignment to their direction and values. She is also passionate about making a difference in our society by working increasingly in the non-profit sector.


Anne is committed to igniting the potential in organisations, teams and individuals. Raising employee engagement results in higher performance. And helping individuals to connect with their aspirations brings meaning and fulfilment.

  • Over the past 25 years, Anne has made a significant strategic contribution to our organisation. She has facilitated numerous, ever-evolving leadership training, team effectiveness and individual coaching initiatives. The powerful impacts she achieves is a result of her ongoing development of her own professional capacity through regular exposure to global best practices which she, in turn, brings to her clients.

    Penny Milner-Smyth
    Penny Milner-SmythHR Executive, SASA
  • This course has changed my life. The training was a breath of fresh air, working in a sector where long meetings and workshops are the norm. The process was fast-paced, exciting and challenging, and held very skilfully. I am proud to call myself a coach who was trained by Anne Heslop, and highly recommend the programme to facilitators and leaders who want to truly deepen their practice.

    Monique Salamon
    Monique SalamonNational Co-ordinator, Tshintsha Amakhaya
  • This is the best learning experience I have had with a coach.  Anne stretched my thinking but also gave me time to reflect.  She ensured that I took my team with me.  They are now aligned with my vision and are excited to go on this new journey with me.  I gained valuable insights about myself and my circumstances at each session.  Anne was confident, knowledgeable and professional.

    Krish Surajlal
    Krish SurajlalFinance Manager, SAB Miller

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

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